Eat Your Way To Success

Weight loss surgery (WLS) has helped thousands of people feel better about themselves and start a journey toward healthier life choices. It's a wonderful tool, but it isn't a miracle. WLS can only take care of physical challenges; it can't magically change the reasons you eat or what you eat. For this, you need to change the way you think about food. Sandi Henderson and Wendy Campbell are here to help you with this very important goal.

Authors and recipe creators Henderson and Campbell have both been active in the WLS community for nearly a decade. They can help you through the process because they have been through it themselves and know how a post-WLS body needs help adjusting to the new normal.

This post-WLS cookbook provides dozens of nutritious and easy recipes for every meal. Is pizza night popular at your house? Bet our Chicken Crust Pizza will fill that bill with everyone, but you, going back for seconds. Chinese take out on the menu tonight? Our Shrimp Fried Cauliflower "Rice" is sure to be a hit while keeping the calories down and the protein high? Is orange chicken a family favorite? Our answer to that is "Orange You Glad You Chose This Delicious Bowl". Each recipe includes a calorie count and nutrition information. Reaching your goals doesn't have to be difficult when you have so many creative recipes at your fingertips!

About the Authors:

Sandi Henderson underwent weight loss surgery twelve years ago and lost 270 pounds. She, along with Wendy Campbell, is the cofounder of WLS Success Matters. Henderson is a certified bariatric coach, educator, and support group leader. She is a popular speaker for the WLS community. She wrote the book Is Lap Band Surgery for Me? and blogs about her experience at

Wendy Campbell underwent WLS eight years ago and loss a total of 134 pounds. She co-founded WLS Success Matters and is also a certified bariatric coach, educator, and support group leader. Her YouTube vlog, Bandedwendy, has produced over eight hundred videos. She was a founding board member of the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America and was a LAP-BAND Community Member Award Winner.