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Want to stay out of the break room, say no to drive-thru, and keep your day on track?

How about having Perfect Portable Protein at your fingertips?

We've built the perfect protein box with YOU in mind. Tried, tested, and approved by long term successful Lap Band, RNY Gastric Bypass, and Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy patients.

Keep one in your office, one in your car, pack one in your gym bag, and stash one in your weekend getaway bag.

The WLS BOX™ includes two each of our standard 911 Grab & Go foods with perfect calorie to protein ratios, low carb, low saturated fat, low sugar, and gluten free.  Additionally we include a "How To..." on using the WLS BOX™ to stay on track.


  • Portion controlled packets of yellowfin tuna in olive oil

  • Perfectly portioned jerky packs

  • Our favorite protein bars

We've taken the time to plan this and put it together to provide you with the convenience of all you need to stay successful.

We planned it, we picked it, and we're ready to deliver it to your door for $29.95

*Can only be delivered in the 50 United States.

Buy WLS BOX™ Now Using PayPal*


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